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Slither review

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on: April 10, 2019, 11:59:33 PM
I remember really enjoying this years ago so I thought I'd see if it held up.  It wasn't as funny as I remember but it's an early James Gunn movie for those of you who enjoy his writing and directing.  I like horror movies that are also funny, like Evil Dead, or Tucker and Dale vs Evil.   So this was along those lines.  The special effects are pretty lame but it's fun to watch when you've had  something to alter your mood so to speak.  For any Nathan Fillion fans, he's the sheriff in town facing down the Large Squid Man and his evil worm minions.  Chaos and zippy one liners ensue.

If you're scrolling down all the movie titles looking for something different, this is probably worth a try.  It won't win your heart, but it's a good one to poke fun at and watch fake slug things slither around while grown ass people can't seem to outrun them, or get in the cars and go for help.  These are stupid people y'all.  You will throw things at the screen, but in a fun way.  Have beer and just go with it. 

I give it a C."

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