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    Get notified

    Whenever you make a request on the site, you will automatically recieve an email notifying you when that request has been filled. If someone else makes a request for something you want, you can subscribe to that request and recieve the same notification. Do this by visiting the existing requests section and clicking the little RSS icon at the top right for every request you want a notification for. It looks like this:


    Click it for a full size example image. If the symbol turns red, it means you will be notified when the request is filled. Click it again to turn it white and turn off notification. Again, if you make the request, this process is automatic and you will not see the little symbol. You only have to subscribe to requests for notifications when you didn't make it yourself.

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    Update your email
    To get notified properly, you need to have an email on file in the requests section. To update yours, go to the requests page and look at the very top right. Click the Welcome button where it says your username, then click the Update Details button (or click here if you are signed in). Enter your email, then click save. All done!

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    Kodi Tutorial Videos

    If you are installing kodi for the first time, follow this playlist IN ORDER and do at least the first 4 videos.

    Video 5 is informational. Videos 6 and 7 are about using my custom tool for skinning, and applied only to windows versions of kodi.

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