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The TKW Media suite serves three primary purposes. Watching stuff, requesting stuff you want to watch, and getting updates and assistance with said stuff.

First, Watching stuff:

Expected Availability Calendar

There are 2 ways to watch the server content.

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    Using this site
    Watch directly from any browser, like Chrome, on this site by clicking the Watch button above.

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    Use the Emby App
    The Emby app is available for almost any platform, just check the app store on your device and look for Emby.

    This is your best bet if you are using a mobile device, or a smart TV. The app is also available on PS4 and Xbox. Check below for quick links to the app for your device. If your device is not listed, click here to see all platforms. Do NOT download the Emby Server choices.

Each of these methods will allow you to play my files. Once you download and install the app, see below or check the FAQ Page for connecting to my server. If you do not have a smartTV that can install the app, you can find a list of recommended devices to use listed here.

Whatever you decide to use, you should be able to find what you need to set it up on this site. If you need help, jump on the discord server. For Instructions on how to do that and what Discord is, check here.

Requests / Reporting Problems

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    Request something you want be added

    Use big request button at the top of the page or click here to request something that is not currently on the server. Sign in with the same account information you set up for the server. You will get an email from the automated bot whenever a request you have made is available to watch on the server. Anything marked as is already on the server to watch.

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    Reporting problems

    In the requests section, you can go to any title and report a problem with it by clicking the !Report Issue button as seen in the example picture below. Any problems with any file on the server can be reported this way.

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Connect Emby to TKW

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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