This site, the media server, and the requests server are all built and maintained by me alone. It is a labor of love, but it is quite a bit of work. As with anything electronic, things go bad. Since i started this project almost 2 years ago, i've lost 3 hard drives. That's just how it is. This server is running from my personal machine, and as such is less than ideal for this application. Ideally I want to build a seperate server dedicated to hosting my services to provide more consistent and reliable acess for everyone, but that costs money. Plenty of money. For things like hard drive crashes and anything else that goes wrong, I pay for that myself. Any money I recieve through this donation process will 100% go towards the media server. Things like:

• New/Replacement Hard Drives
• Server Parts (until built)
• Additional Ram for Server (less buffering, faster operating speeds)

I've placed a parts/price list at the bottom of the page with the costs of materials I still need to build the ideal server to avoid future downtime. If you choose to donate, any amount is helpful, do not feel it is required to fully pay for any of the parts. This stuff can be expensive.

How to Donate

My preferred method is through google pay. You will need a gmail account but it is free and easy and charges no transaction fee. You can use your android phone app to send it to my gmail or click the GPay button below to send to my gmail. My gmail account is

If you are more comfortable using PayPal you can do so with the button below. The button below will direct you to log in to your paypal account, then will take you directly to the send money page. This method is free. My paypal email is so just type that in the box and you're good to go.

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Current Needs List and Pricing

*Will mark in red when part has been purchased. Prices are approximate as prices change.

Cost Parts Costs