Quick Tips

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    Desktop Resize

    • Right Click Desktop

    • Click NVIDIA Control Panel

    • Click Adjust desktop size and position in left side menu as shown above.

    • Click Resize button.

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    Files in Peg Kodi profile won't play

    Almost 100% of the time this means your drive isn't connected. Open Explorer and go to This PC. Do you see your Drivepool? If you don't, that's why Kodi isn't playing your files, because your files aren't there. If you do see the Drivepool and your files won't play, let me know

    Things to do if drivepool is gone:
    • Are the lights on the front of the drive pool? If not, it's turned off. Turn it back on.
    • Check the USB cable connection. Make sure it's plugged in both in the computer and in the back of the bay. This is a pain in the ass until you get a longer USB cord. Unplug it (USB) and plug it back in, then wait a minute and see if it shows back up in This PC. Reboot. Normal troubleshooting things.

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    Making things bigger / smaller

    You want to keep your desktop resolution as high as possible, so don't adjust that. What you want is to adjust your DPI, what Windows 10 refers to as Scale. See Video below on how to adjust this setting.

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Change Desktop Scale

Changing subtitles

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