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I've downloaded the Emby app on my device, how do I connect to the server?
This is a 3 step process. When you first open the app it asks you to sign in. DO NOT SIGN IN HERE. you have to Skip this step and connect the app to my server first. Do these steps in order.

emby1 emby2 emby3

I forgot my password?
Request it. Use the email you registered when you applied. Your username and password will be emailed to you by the bot. If you are having trouble with this late me know and I will resolve it. Your password is the same on the media server and the requests page, but you can change them individually as it suits you.

The Movie I am watching needs subtitles or has the wrong audio, what's up with that?
When you buy a BlueRay, chances are high it will come with different audio tracks with different languages. These files are no different. Often times, the default audio track is simply set to the wrong language. Check for a different audio track before filing a ticket.

I'm buffering, what's wrong?

Depends. First thing run a speed test on the device you are using. If you are downloading at anything less than 10Mbps, that is likely your problem. There are several factors for this issue. It's important to narrow down whether the problem is on your end, or mine. That is the main goal. In order to see if it is something on your end, here are some things you can do.

1. Try a different device. Use your computer or your phone, just try a different device. If that decide works, then you know it's not the server.
2. Play a different file. If several different files play without issue, then it is likely an issue with what you were trying to watch. Report it.
3. Don't use WiFi. Try watching on something jacked in using Ethernet. WiFi isnt always consistent enough in it's connectivity to allow streaming files of this size over the server. If it works fine over ethernet, your Wifi needs more beef.
4. Ask in the Discord channel. If others are also having similar issues, you know it's the server. This is usually due to too many people streaming at once, or maybe my internet is just being garbage. Literally all of these applications and services are running out of my server room at my house. If my internet connection is being flaky, you'll feel it.

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I still need help!
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