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    Finished Series

    The Demon Cycle
    This series is seriously amazing. Kindof a slow start and a lot of chracter development. HIGHLY recommend.

    Ender's Game
    Awesome Sci-fi series. The movie is garbage. The first book is really good. The rest of the series is good, and while they do follow one another each book is mostly it's own thing. Like watching episodes of a TV show where each one can stand alone. Great reads tho.

    Riyria Revelations
    Book about super bros.

    Easy reads. Really unique books dude. I think you'll like them a lot.

    Coldfire Trilogy

    Tales of Alvin Maker
    The final book will probably never be written. Still worth reading the series tho. Book 2 of this series is one of my favorite books ever.

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    Incomplete Series

    King's Dark Tidings
    One of my favorite reads on this whole page dude. So good. Only bad thing is only three books out and still in progress. Still tho, not a wasted read at all. Really fucking good.

    Expeditionary Force
    As a veteran you'll appreciate this series. Well written, funny characters, crazy plot. Made me laugh. You'll dig it, more of a casual read.

    The Dresden Files
    We've talked about this series before. Lots of books, fairly quick reads each, definately read in order. Super good series.

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    Single Novels

    The Count of Monte Cristo
    Read this fucking book. Take notes. It's a complex plot but holy shit it blew my mind.

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