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Gotta go

Unfortunately, I do not have unlimted storage space. I'm going to have to begin a program to remove files from the server from time to time to make room for new entries. I am calling this "The Purge" program, because it sounds cool. I'll mark a movie to be purged and post it on this page, along with a date for when it will be removed. If I put something on here that you want to watch, contact me and i'll gladly remove it from the purge list. I put things on this list because:
A) I watched it and it was stupid.
B) Someone else watched it and told me it was stupid.
C) It's been on the server awhile and no one has ever looked at it.

I have no way of knowing what you like. I will very likely not re-add anything that has once been purged. Please keep an eye on this list. If there is something on here that you don't think deserves to be removed, let me know, or if you just haven't had the chance to watch it yet and you want to, let me know. Otherwise, once Purged it is likely gone forever. These titles will also be seen as "available" on the request page, so no title that has been purged under this program will be able to be requested on the site.
Got a suggestion for something you think should be purged? Click the shooter guy at the top, or click here.

Marked for Purge on 2/01/2019

These will all be grouped together under Collections on the server for easy access.



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